Tuesday, 17 December 2013

EN 12101-2: CE marked smoke vent roof lights

In July 2013 under the Construction Product Regulation 2011 (CPR), it became a mandatory legal requirement for manufacturers to apply CE marking to all products covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA). 

Smoke vents must be CE marked to EN 12101-2

We are amazed that nearly 6 months on, the majority of conversations we have with architects and other construction professionals, that no one seems to know much (if anything) about this topic.

Smoke vent roof lights (a.k.a.: Automatic Opening Vents or AOV) have been covered by EN 12101-2 since April 2004, and it is now a legal requirement that they must be tested and CE marked as a complete component i.e.: rooflight, upstand and actuation. 

Our CE marked F100 smoke vent rooflight which
opens to 172° in less than 60 seconds.

It is NOT ok for any company to supply a smoke vent as a combination of components, for example: a separately CE marked rooflight combined with a separately CE marked actuator and claim CPR compliance - this is illegal.

It is also illegal for any supplier to simply claim compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations, with no EN 12101-2 certified CE marked product.

Smoke vent rooflights are life saving building products, and not something that should be left to chance or incorrectly specified. If in doubt, ask the supplier for a copy of their CE marking certification.

All of our smoke vents are fully tested, certified and CE marked to EN 12101-2 – ensuring complete compliance with the law. 

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