Friday, 4 January 2013

Rooflights on display at worlds leading construction show: BAU

Daylight and Ventilation Solutions (DVS) exclusively represent Lamilux in the U.K. and we are therefore delighted to report that rooflights from our portfolio, including some innovative product launches, will be on display at the worlds leading construction exhibition: BAU 2013 in Munich.

Lamilux will present numerous new and energetically developed daylight systems at the BAU 2013 trade show from 14th to 19th of January 2013, in Munich (Hall C1 / Stand 320). Lamilux's presence at the world's leading trade show for architecture, materials and systems will be under the motto "Active Energy Management with Daylight Systems and Building Management Technology".  The renowned manufacturer of rooflight domes, continuous rooflights, glass roof structures and building management technology will present its entire product portfolio. The highlights include the skylights certified with the highest energy efficiency rating to passive house standard, a new continuous rooflights for flat roofs as well as components and systems for smoke and heat exhaust systems and building management technology.

First passive house certified daylight systems in the world

With the Lamilux CI System Glass Architecture PR60energysave glass construction and the Lamilux CI System Glass Element FEenergysave daylight element, Lamilux will be showing two daylight systems that have each been certified by the Darmstadt Passive House Institute in the highest passive house efficiency class as a 'phA - Advanced Component'. These highly energy-efficient skylights are available for architects and passive house designers for use in administrative, educational, cultural as well as residential constructions designed in accordance with passive house criteria as well as for new and renovated shopping malls, thermal spas, swimming pools and sports halls oriented to the highest energy efficiency requirements.

Great scope for architectural creativity with individuality, fully customisable shapes and the highest level of energy efficiency providing a generous amount of daylight, effective heat insulation and intelligent controlled flap systems for natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction - the trade marks of the Lamilux CI System Glass Architecture PR60 glass roof structure.

Lamilux has developed a new insulation system for the posts and rails of the glass roof structure (Lamilux CI System Glass Architecture PR 60energysave), consisting of a combined insulation core that unites the insulation block and the insulation web in a single component. The frame of the certified daylight element (Lamilux CI System Glass Element FEenergysave) is also perfectly air-tight and insulated. Its external masking shield is completely thermally decoupled from the frame profiles. A continuous triple layered seal system provides an airtight seal between the frame and the underlying upstand.

With the Lamilux CI System Glass Element FEenergysave , architects and designers are provided with the first skylight certified in the highest efficiency class in the passive house standard.

Innovation Lamilux CI System Continuous Rooflight S – constructive, energy-efficient, aesthetic

Lamilux is presenting a completely new development with the Lamilux CI System Continuous Rooflight S continuous skylight in a gable roof design on the flat roofs of industrial and administrative buildings. Numerous innovative components, including in the anchor point, ensure the most stable structure free of thermal bridges, which can reach span widths of up to four meters. The thermally decoupled flap systems for smoke and heat exhaust systems and natural ventilation warrant the special attention of architects. They can be combined between each in a modular system in different size variations and arranged in the continuous rooflight, perfectly coordinated with the required smoke extraction surface.

With the Lamilux CI System Continuous Rooflight S continuous skylight in a gable roof design, Lamilux will be presenting a completely new daylight system with the highest level of energy efficiency. Numerous innovative components ensure the most stable structure free of thermal bridges.

Composite glazing (made from polycarbonate or a new fibre-reinforced composite) can be integrated in the modular post and rail system, in which the inner and outer metallic components are thermally separated from each other to ensure perfect heat insulation, in panel thicknesses of 10 to 32 millimetres. The selection of glazing depends on the energetic requirements specific to the property. Excellent thermal transmittance coefficients can be achieved in the new Lamilux CI System Continuous Rooflight S.

Intelligent controls for fire protection, building comfort and energy-efficiency

Lamilux will present its solutions and systems for intelligent building management systems with live demonstrations and visualisations on several presentation stalls. In cooperation with Lamilux daylight and flap systems for natural ventilation and sun protection and light direction installations, these create considerable potential for effective management of building security, energy efficiency and building comfort. As designers and developers of different control systems, both electrical and hydraulic, Lamilux networks the activation and automation of smoke and heat exhaust systems with all other adjustable and controllable elements in roofs and fa├žades.

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