Friday, 24 August 2012

Security comes as standard with our glass rooflights

As standard, our aluminium framed glass rooflights offer protection against forced entry – with tested resistance class.

Our rooflights offer burglar resistance - as standard.

Once they have gained access to the flat roof, burglars often try to enter the building by levering open skylights or breaking their glazing.

Comprehensive tests have shown that this method is significantly hampered by our aluminium framed glass rooflights: LINK TO BROCHURE

Our glass skylights belong to resistance class 2. The resistance classes are tested and regulated by European standard DIN V ENV 1627 (identical to BS EN 1627: pedestrian door sets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters. Burglar resistance. Requirements and classification for burglary resistant windows and doors).

Don't make it easy for the burglar!!

Choose DVS rooflights with certified burglar resistance, as standard.

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