Thursday, 29 March 2012

Opening glass rooflights

One of the biggest advantages of installing our rooflights into your flat roof is to harness and utilise daylight, which can transform a dark and dingy space into one which is wonderfully naturally lit.

An example of a flat roof kitchen extension naturally lit by our glass rooflights - click to enlarge
Another consideration when specifying and choosing our rooflights is whether to opt for fixed or opening - and we have many opening options for you to choose from.

Our rooflights are supplied hinged to either the fully insualted upstand or fit adapter and so we always offer hinged opening as an optional extra. Our rooflight design also means that we do not need a bulky base frame for our opening rooflights and so our opening rooflight profile is exactly the same slender height as our fixed rooflights and so side by side on the roof, our fixed rooflight is visually identical as our opening ones.

When specifying an opening rooflight for a flat roof - it is important to ask all suppliers for proof of their airtightness values, otherwise even the most thermally optimised aluminium framework is a complete waste of time and money, if all of your heat is allowed to leak through a poorly sealed product. All of our standard aluminium framed rooflights are certified in accordance with EN 12207 to Class 3 (1.87m³/h/m² at 50 Pascals). Airtightness is going to become an even more important consideration next year when the revised Part L 2013 building regulations are introduced. We shall be posting a Blog entry on the airtightness of our rooflights very soon - so please check back or subscribe to our blog.

Our manually hinged version is suitable for rooflights up to 1 x 1 metre and will open the rooflight to around 300mm via a surface mounted screw-jack and operating pole:

Manually hinged opening for ventilation - click to enlarge
We also have electrically hinged opening options, to suit all budgets and aesthetic requirements and these are explained below.

The first of our electric hinged options is actuated by a 230v motor which has a stroke (opening) length of 300mm. The motor is surface mounted and is our most cost effective electrical hinged opening option at an optional surcharge of around £175 compared to our fixed rooflight price:

230v electrically hinged opening for ventilation - click to enlarge
If you would prefer a more slim-line style motor we can supply a chain motor (24v or 230v) and these are offered with a stroke length of either 250mm or 400mm:

Electrically hinged via chain motor - click to enlarge
The chain motor can also be concealed behind a powder coated (any RAL colour) cover flashing - see below:

Chain motor concealed by powder coated flashing - click to enlarge
The ultimate electrically hinged opening rooflight is our hidden chain motor option. This version has a chain motor concealed within the aluminium framework and the cable for the motor is routed though our insulated upstand - giving the sleekest possible looks:

Chain motor totally hidden in the rooflights framework - click to enlarge
All of our electrically hinged opening rooflights can also be supplied with a choice of sensors including; remote control operation, rain sensor and combined wind & rain many more.

If it is roof access you require then DVS has options for this too:
  • Manually hinged opening.
  • Electrically hinged opening.
  • Electrically sliding opening.
Please refer to our news article entitled "Roof access - aesthetic, efficient and functional" (coming soon!) which explains these options in more detail.

Thank you for reading - please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us for more information by phone 01284 749051 or via email

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